Why Choose a Walk-In Shower Or Tub For Elderly Residents? – Read on

Choosing a walk-In Shower or Tub for elder residents of a retirement home can present a number of challenges. The challenge is that elder homes are often located in communities where home health care providers are rare. The best solutions involve more than just adding a shower and tub combo to the existing bathroom in the home; it should also include the addition of additional, higher-quality features to make your elder loved one feel better.

Elderly residents often experience more than just incontinence in their bath tub or shower. Many feel as though they have to climb over a bunch of legless plastic trampolines to reach the shower or bath, while others have issues with joint pain and stiffness in their upper bodies. When a patient has difficulty walking to the shower or bath, the bath and shower, or both, become uncomfortable and dangerous.

To make sure your loved one’s bath and shower is both comfortable, and safe, consider adding extra features like non-skid floors and room dividers. You may also want to consider having her bath or shower at the same time each day. This will allow her to maintain the proper hydration and body temperature she needs for her age. It will also allow you to take the time to give her the massage she will need after a long day of chores.

Installing a walk-in shower and tub in a retirement center is a great way to make your elderly person feel better and live longer. This is especially true if the elderly person is on medications and requires frequent adjustments in dosage or changes in their dosage schedule. Not only is a walk-in shower, or tub an easy and affordable way to change their bathing routine, but it is also a wonderful way to ensure their safety and keep them happy and healthy.

For many, a walk-in shower or tub is not just something that helps to make their bathing routine more comfortable. It is something that provides additional options to add to its health benefits. Using additional features such as towel racks, massage seats, or even heated slippers, you can provide your elderly loved one with comfort and luxury without the extra cost. Of course, some of these added options can be pricey, but it can be well worth it when you consider the added satisfaction and extra benefits that come with them.

As your elderly loved one ages, it will become clear that her toilet habits may not change. Because of this, the toilet tank is only a small part of the overall system that keeps your loved one comfortable and safe. A walk-in shower or tub, by itself, will not eliminate the need for a changing table. If there is no other option, having a changing table that is wheelchair accessible will help your loved one maintain a clean and sanitary environment and relieve her of the additional burden of changing and storing her toiletries.

Many seniors prefer the heat of a heated seat when they bathe, which can help to reduce discomfort for an elderly resident of a retirement community. Plus, there are heated bathtubs that are available for an even larger variety of tastes and budgets. Many showers and baths are also equipped with footrests and adjustable platforms for seniors to sit back and relax while waiting for their turn. In this way, everyone can enjoy a peaceful bubble bath.

Senior citizens require additional care and consideration when choosing the right resources for the care and protection of their loved ones. Since so many seniors choose to stay in their own homes, there is a lack of nursing staff to monitor their daily routines and care for their individual needs. Not only will a walk-in shower or tub provide comfort, and increased functionality, but it will provide additional benefits to the elderly.